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  • Damian Dayton

Please skip this ad!

In online advertising, you have two choices: force people to watch your ads or entice them to watch your ads.

At Creatably, we prefer the latter. When you earn the view, you get millions of FREE impressions and sort your viewers into nice retargetable categories based on interest.

If it weren’t for the first method, the world would not have created ad blockers. But hundreds of huge brands are still using a lot of unskipable ads. This achieves one major thing for most brands; it makes me hate them. It makes me hate their intrusion into my life, and I spend the entire time watching that little timer tick down to the point where I can skip the ad and get back to watching videos about artisanal pencil sharpening (or INSANE Starcraft strategies).

Skipabble ads gently nudge an ad across the table that viewers can reject or accept. On Facebook, they automatically start playing anytime you hover over the ad for longer than three seconds, or they will be inserted into your video feed.

Here is the beautiful part about skippable ads. Generally, you only pay for the viewers that make it past 15 seconds. You only pay for the people who WANT to be advertised to for the pain point you have laid out in the first 15 seconds. Of course, this leaves the advertiser with the challenging work of hooking a viewer, earning the view in that 15 seconds, and getting the right sort of viewer to hang on long enough to hear you out. But what happens to all of those people who left before 15 seconds? Well, that’s what we call “free real estate.” Free brand impressions that you don’t have to pay for because the viewers were not that interested. But they may be interested someday. What I love is that you only pay for the viewers who self-select. You end up with viewers who WANT to be advertised to. And that is a fantastic thing.


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