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  • Damian Dayton

Everything’s becoming TIK-TOK

Let’s not debate the moral value or addictiveness of this new platform. Let’s agree that whether we like it or not, Tik Tok has arrived, and every brand is rushing to be on Tik Tok, and more importantly, every social media platform is trying to behave like Tik Tok.

This TikTokification of social media has led to the mass compulsion of scrolling videos on Facebook, Instagram, and even Youtube. In fact, you can’t upload a short Youtube video without it becoming automatically designated as a scrollable short. But while everyone is rushing to TikTok, leaning into influencer-like videos, and leaning exclusively on UGC, many are missing the boat.

Emerging media always creates opportunities. But Tik Tok has now successfully emerged. I recommend that you and your brand have a Tik Tok strategy, but if you make it the center of the universe, you may be left a bit wanting.

First, while still developing. The current metrics that Tik Tok gives you are sadly wanting.

Second, in the rush for every brand to be on TikTok, you risk adding a droning voice to the ever-growing choir and creating a brand that doesn’t stick out but blends in with the same song and dance as everyone else.


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