Work History


  • Manager of Product Development
  • Developed relationships with Kwikset,, and GE to create a new line of home automation products. 
  • Home automation line decreased customer attrition, increase overall customer satisfaction, and increased revenue by $30 MM from first year sales alone.

The Color Run

  • Third Employee at The Color Run
  • Directed and produced two viral video campaigns with over 7 MM views on YouTube alone. (Videos below)
  • Personally directed races with 7,000-27,000 participants. At the time that individual event with 27,000 participants was one of the largest 5Ks in the world.
  • Made significant changes to improve the overall experience and to make operations more efficient.
  • As a Regional Race Director I managed every aspect of the event production.


  • While at The Color Run I co-founded a YouTube channel with Scott Winn called ScottDW. 
  • Our first video, Kitten Air, received 3 MM views on YouTube in it's first week. Our third video, Fruit Ninja in Real Life, a viral campaign for Halfbrick Studios, the makers of Fruit Ninja, recieved over 20 MM views in less than 2 weeks and now has over 30 MM views. 
  • While at ScottDW I continued to learn how to use Viral Marketing to help startups achieve exponential growth. 

Pulse Mob

  • After leaving The Color Run I worked for an event registration platform called Pulse Mob. While there I managed product and business development. 
  • Took the company from $0 in revenue to $2.1 MM in 3 years. 
  • Developed new product features that were quickly copied by competitors such as EventBrite and Active. These features included social share discounts, streamilning team registrations, check-in apps, and more.  

Hit and Run 5K

  • Co-founder and COO
  • Managed all race operations for 20 events across the country including guerrilla/local marketing efforts,  race production, venue contracts, sponsorships, etc.
  • Created and developed event concept including designing obstacles, overseeing manufacturing, and building out an event kit.
  • Used viral marketing to drive 70,000 tickets sold to our events in 2014.


  • Started my own experiential marketing agency in January 2015
  • Produced an event for the Radiant Foundation in partnership with the LDS church. Event was turned into a viral video campaign for Christmas that received over 11 MM views on YouTube.
  • Sold Creatably to Izeni, a custom software development agency, in February 2016. 


  • Director Experiential Marketing
  • Developing new product offerings in video, events, and marketing.  

Miscellaneous Projects

  • In 2015 I started a charity called Special Needs for Speed. We build custom bicycles for children with severe disabilities. 
  • Produced an event for Vivint with over 3,000 participants. Organized every aspect of the event. Video is below. The primary purpose of the campaign was the event but they also asked me to create a video of the event. I directed, produced, and co-edited the video.


The Color Run

5.9 MM views

My Roles: Creative Director (Concept, Storyboarding, Design), Director, Producer, Editing, Messaging


1.1 MM Views *We licensed the music for this from Imagine Dragons. Color Run guy didn't want to keep paying for it so he took it down. That is why if you follow the link through to YouTube it doesn't show any views.

My Roles: Creative Director, Director, Producer, and Music Licensing.



29 MM Views

My Roles: Co-director, Creative Direction, Producer, Editing (with Scott)


Angels We Have Heard on High Campaign

11.3 MM Views

My Roles: Associate Producer, Event Production, Logistics and Crowd Control, Direction of overhead shots with 1,200 extras


Bubble Run


My Roles: Director, Producer, Videographer, and Co-editor