The team at Creatably knows how to make shareable content. Videos we created, directed, or produced currently have over 100 million views on YouTube and Facebook. We know how to create content that captures the attention of audiences, the press, and potential customers. Check out some of our work below. 

Fruit Ninja in Real Life

With more than 30 million views on YouTube, Fruit Ninja in Real Life is a great example of the power of shareable content. Co-created by our founder Jay Davis, it helped revitalize the Fruit Ninja game and drove millions of dollars in sales over the Christmas holiday just 2 weeks after it launched.  

Stance Socks HQ 360/VR Tour

While filming a car museum in Los Angeles we stopped by the headquarters of Stance Socks to visit some old friends. We were completely blown away by their incredible space and decided quickly we needed to create a 360 tour for them. They agreed. 

Giant Slip n' Slide

What happens when you build a giant slip and slide with a ramp at the end? This video. After the success of Kitten Air we wanted to create a fun video that showed off our ability to capture things in slow motion and so came up with this crazy idea. 

Be a Color Runner

This was our very first viral video project. The Color Run was a brand new event that no one knew about so we used viral marketing to launch this new running event. 18 months later it was the largest running event in the world using video marketing as its primary customer acquisition tool. With over 6 million views on YouTube and more than 4 million on Facebook this video set a new bar for event videos. 

Kitten Air

While working at The Color Run our founder met a videographer named Scott Winn. The two of them decided to start a YouTube channel. Their very first video was a challenge to create something so shareable that by just posting it on their personal Facebook profiles it would get millions of views. 3 days after posting it had been viewed over 3 million times and had been reposted by the creators of Lost. The channel they created together today has over 1 million subscribers. 

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival in 360/VR

We recently had the opportunity to film the beautiful Tulip Festival for Thanksgiving Point. It really shows the power of 360 to recreate an incredible experience for people all around the world.

The Color Run Las Vegas

While filming The Color Run event in Las Vegas we got to meet a new band called the Imagine Dragons. Their first album was almost out and we asked if we could feature one of their songs in this video. We never would have guessed the success ahead of them or this new event series. 

Helicopter Tour of Los Angeles in 360/VR

Recently we had the opportunity to take a 2 hour exclusive tour of Los Angles with our virtual reality rig, the Nokia Ozo.  There is nothing more exciting than sitting in a helicopter with no doors, holding a camera while flying 1,000 feet in the air. So we made a virtual reality video so viewers can feel that same magic feeling.