Event Portfolio

The Color Run

  • Third Employee at The Color Run
  • Personally race directed races with 7,000-27,000 participants. At the time that individual event with 27,000 participants was one of the largest 5Ks in the world.
  • Made significant changes to improve the overall experience and to make operations more efficient.
  • As a Regional Race Director I managed every aspect of the event production.

Hit and Run 5K

  • Co-founder and COO
  • Managed all race operations for 20 events across the country including guerrilla/local marketing efforts,  race production, venue contracts, sponsorships, etc.
  • Created and developed event concept including designing obstacles, overseeing manufacturing, and building out an event kit.


Miscellaneous Events

  • I have also managed events for a number of other organizations. I have organized and produced runs with up to 2,000 participants with only myself and volunteers running the event.
  • Produced an event for Vivint with over 3,000 participants. Organized every aspect of the event. Video is below. The primary purpose of the campaign was the event but they also asked me to create a video of the event. I directed, produced, and co-edited the video.
  • Produced an event for the Radiant Foundation in partnership with the LDS church. Event was turned into a viral video campaign for Christmas.


Video Portfolio

These are just samples of some of my more challenging projects and/or the ones that have had the most views. My strengths in creating videos is in creative direction, directing and producing. I excel in creating the right messaging and creating a campaign the drives numbers. I also will work with the editor to make sure the edit fits my vision for the project and tells the story in such a way that it evokes the right emotions from the audience. I am not a technical editor, visual effects, or colorist and outsource this work to experts.


The Color Run

5.9 MM views

My Roles: Creative Director (Concept, Storyboarding, Design), Director, Producer, Editing, Messaging


1.1 MM Views *We licensed the music for this from Imagine Dragons. Color Run guy didn't want to keep paying for it so he took it down. That is why if you follow the link through to YouTube it doesn't show any views.

My Roles: Creative Director, Director, Producer, and Music Licensing.



29 MM Views

My Roles: Co-director, Creative Direction, Producer, Editing (with Scott)


Angels We Have Heard on High Campaign

11.3 MM Views

My Roles: Associate Producer, Event Production, Logistics and Crowd Control, Direction of overhead shots with 1,200 extras


Bubble Run


My Roles: Director, Producer, Videographer, and Co-editor




My Roles: Designed and built a machine that rotates a high speed camera around a stationary subject at 3 rotations per second. This machine is what captured the slow motion effect in the video. Also worked on creative and technical direction.