My Story

I first understood the power of video marketing when I left my stable job working in product development at a multi-billion dollar home automation company to join a small startup that literally no one even knew existed. Including the founder the whole team had 5 full-time employees. The startup was actually an event company that had created a new type of 5K. Runners would run a normal 5K but every kilometer we would throw colored cornstarch on them, the kind you see at a Holi Festival. At the time I couldn't believe people wanted to run a 5K while running through clouds of colored powder. When I started the company's revenues totaled a high five figures. 18 months later the company had made nearly $100 million and became the largest running event in the world. How did we do it? A viral product marketed with videos. 

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I had never seen anything like The Color Run. Even today most people don't realize how quickly the company grew. We went from 0 to 100 instantly. It was a wild ride but of all the things I learned while working at The Color Run the most important lesson was the power of video marketing. Through video we could connect with our customers in new and unique ways. We could show them the product and experience before they ever purchased. And most importantly we could drive brand awareness with viral videos. 7 months after starting I had created videos for The Color Run that had over 7 million views on YouTube and I became hooked on using video to market companies and their products.