Jay's Story

I first understood the power of video marketing when I left my stable job working in product development at a multi-billion dollar home automation company to join a small startup that literally no one knew existed. Including the founder the whole team had 5 full-time employees and the first employee started just two months before I did. The startup was actually an event company that had created a new type of 5K. Runners would run a normal 5K but every kilometer we would throw colored cornstarch on them, the kind you see at a Holi Festival. At the time I couldn't believe people wanted to run a 5K while running through clouds of colored powder. When I started the company's revenues totaled a high five figures. 18 months later the company had made nearly $100 million and became the largest running event in the world. How did we do it? A viral product marketed with videos. 

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I had never seen anything like The Color Run. Even today most people don't realize how quickly the company grew. We went from 0 to 100 instantly. It was a wild ride but of all the things I learned while working at The Color Run the most important lesson was the power of video marketing. Through video we could connect with our customers in new and unique ways. We could show them the product and experience before they ever purchased. And most importantly we could drive brand awareness with viral videos. 7 months after starting I had created and directed videos for The Color Run that had over 7 million views on YouTube alone and I became hooked on using video to market companies and their products. I realized that for startups and all companies nothing was more powerful than creating shareable video content that increased brand awareness and drove massive amounts of revenue.  


While working at The Color Run I hired a talented cinematographer to help with our Be a Color Runner video. While filming the video in Los Angeles we started to discuss the idea of started a new YouTube channel that combined incredible cinematography with unique ideas. A few months later we launched our first video, Kitten Air. We didn't really know what would happen with the video but we posted it on our personal Facebook accounts and hoped for the best. 3 days later it had 3 million views on YouTube and had been shared by the creators of Lost, celebrities, and dozens of publications. We knew we had created something unique. After creating kitten air we created another video of friends going down a slip n slide that quickly got 3 million views. With each video we learned more about how to distribute content and make videos that people wanted to share. 


As we learned the properties of a viral video we came up with an idea that would allow us to see if we could create a video that did more than just go viral. We wanted to see if we could create a video that marketed a product and would influence people to buy it. So we reached out to the makers of the hit iPhone game, Fruit Ninja with a unique concept. We wanted to take the characters and concept of the game and turn it into a real life recreation. We called it Fruit Ninja in Real Life and just a month before Christmas launched the video. At the time Fruit Ninja was no longer at the top of the app store. The game had come out several years earlier. Within two weeks our video had been viewed over 20 million times and Fruit Ninja was the #1 app in the world. We realized the power of YouTube and Facebook in marketing products. 

Since then we have worked with dozens of clients to create content that is shareable and grows their businesses. From producing Christmas videos with tens of millions of views to industry specific videos that drive traffic and revenue for our clients we deeply understand how to create content that works. If you are interested in taking your video content to the next level reach out to us today.